April 15, 2022

There is not a single way to teach the kid anything. People think that as parents they are helping their kids completing their homework then this and their role as guide at home is finished but this is completely wrong concept because kids have a great creativity level and they need more than school support to explore their ability to explore. Though today kids have several ways to enhance their learning abilities and knowledge like online learning. Today kids are learning through online learning in the most joyful manner. They are having animated representation of several topics of subjects of kids. School LMS and LMS portals also support in making learning interesting and joyful for the kids. School LMS assumes that all the tools which can enhance the creativity of the kids must be incorporated in their learning curriculum and LMS portals should support them. But apart from this there should be some support at home also which can make the kid’s learning interesting and the best method to do is reading and storytelling to the students and kids. Bedtime stories have been the best resource to teach good things to the kids and boost their curiosity in learning. I mean, who doesn’t like listening to interesting stories? Everyone likes it, even adults too, so why not choose it as the best teaching tool.

Almost everyone has listened to the most tantrums of the kids by asking to tell some good stories at bedtime. It doesn’t matter how tired the parents are, they have to tell the best bedtime stories to the kids. Storytelling and reading to the kids always becomes the best medium to teach the students and kids the best teachings of their life doesn’t matter if it is related to their academic life or social life. Reading and telling stories and also singing to the kids makes them enjoy their story time and they eagerly wait for the storyteller to start a new one. So, let’s understand the benefits of reading and storytelling to the kids. When we read and tell stories to the kids then it develops their sound knowledge, vocabulary and linguistic skills too. It is so because they are being told stories personally by you and they can ask anything related to the stories, to you including knowledge about words and their meanings, or reasons for words being spoken particularly. Apart from this, when kids’ stories make them happy and take them to another world of imagination then they start respecting those story books and come to understand that good books contain all those good information they read and enjoy a lot. Hence, they start liking and respecting books and their knowledge. Along with this when parents read and tell the stories to the kids then it boosts the imagination power and kids use their creativity which takes them in their own wonderland which makes them happier and think critically too. And it is proven in many studies that creative kids always do better in their career further.

There are some more benefits of reading, storytelling and singing to the students like it develops your child’s brain and its capacity. It is so because listening to the story and how it is being told kids start to imagine the characters and incidents of the story and doing this, they become focussed a lot to their imagination and similarly this focus helps them to concentrate in their studies also. Stories contain various forms of conversation which gives the kids proper knowledge of communication skills and as stories are based on characters and incidents of our society then listening to them and asking various questions about it to the parents, kids come to know a lot about social skills too. As kids come to know a lot of the stories, they come to understand the difference between fake and real stories so they prevent kids from being cheated and harmed by any grown-up person by telling any fake story to the kids. Kids are very innocent so they are unaware of hard emotions but listening to the stories they come to know about them and are able to cope up with them too. Also the singing of poems in the stories makes them have a good sleep.



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