July 23, 2022

People who work in an office often encounter challenges. This is not a baseless assertion but an observation of working life in an office. And while there are challenges, there is almost always a way to solve a problem through an increase in innovation. Innovation is how offices and businesses not only overcome challenges but also grow. Although many people wouldn’t think of online PDF editors as a means to solve great and complex challenges, they can be used to do that as well as solve everyday mundane issues which can often be the true bane of the business world. So, what can PDF editors do and what are the best ones to choose from?

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PDFs are the most popular document format


Working with documents is an essential part of office life and without them, things would quickly ground to a screeching halt. This is one reason that PDFs are so essential for many around the world. PDFs are by far and away the best way to record and share documents with your coworkers and peers. PDFs are common and popular because they are versatile and functional at the same time. This makes them a great tool for people in a variety of sectors. Regardless of if you are working with a fillable document or an invitation to a birthday party, a PDF has you covered.

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Ways to edit PDF documents


Working with PDFs is great and can be a fun experience if you have the means to do it correctly. The only issue is that you can’t just work on a PDF with just any type of program. To work with PDFs, you will need some kind of PDF editor or PDF editing application. Fortunately, there are many to choose from and these PDF editors do more than simply allow you to work on PDFs. They offer you a wide range of tools that you can use to edit, annotate and manage the document. Since there are many different PDF editors online, it can be hard to choose which one is best for you and your business; however, one of the best ways to find the right PDF editor is by looking at which tools they offer.

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One of the biggest benefits of working with PDF editors is the vast range of tools that they offer. PDF editors can help you edit a PDF or fill in the information, but they are not limited to this. Depending on the PDF editor you are using, they can allow you to merge two or more PDFs together into a single file, compress a large PDF into a smaller file and many other things.

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Top 5 PDF Editors


For many people, one of the best PDF editors is Lumin PDF. Although not as well known as some other online PDF editors, Lumin PDF sets the industry standard in a variety of ways. Lumin PDF comes with many tools, such as the merge, split, and compress tool, along with many others. In addition to this, Lumin PDF has one of the more interesting and important tools on the market at the moment. The biggest offer from Lumin PDF is that it works with Google Drive. This is great since you can open your files directly from your or your company’s Google Drive account. This means that you can open it, save it back, and then your coworkers can work on it as well. This makes Lumin PDF a great asset.

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Probably the PDF editor that most people are familiar with is Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat is often the default PDF editor for many people, and this is for good reason since it offers one of the largest assortments of tools on the PDF market. Not only does Adobe Acrobat offer this but it is also a great choice for people who work in the office since many of Adobe Acrobat’s tools are well suited to office life. The only downside is that Adobe Acrobat does have a bit of a learning curve, which means it can take time to learn.


Sometimes when working with PDF editors, they will require some time to learn, but this is not always a bad thing since it can mean that they come with many tools and features that can help you improve and change your document in an efficient way, and this is the case with Foxit PDF editor. Foxit is very similar to Adobe Acrobat in terms of capabilities, the difference though is the price as Foxit PDF editor is a mature PDF editor that comes in at a lower cost than the market average. This makes it a great option for the individual user.

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While many PDF editors are general purpose and can be used in many different ways, there are times when a specialized PDF editor is needed. One of these times is when you are filling out a PDF document that is a form. This is where a PDF editor like PDFfiller can be a big help. If you are working in a doctor’s office for example it can be time-consuming to enter a patient’s data into a form. If you are using PDFfiller, it has special features for putting information into a form that greatly streamlines the process of inputting formation. PDFfiller might not be the best PDF editor for everyone, but it is a very good PDF editor for the specialization that it is built for.

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Another popular PDF editor is SmallPDF. SmallPDF is one of the most popular PDF editors due to its easy-to-use and attractive interface. It offers many of the same tools as Lumin PDF and Adobe Acrobat do but, in some ways, it can be seen as a bit easier and user-friendly. Having an easy to work with interface shortens the learning curve which means it is easier for new people to access and use it in the office or at home. SmallPDF allows you to edit, merge, split, and many other things as well making it a simple but versatile choice.


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