October 26, 2022

What is Pocket Option? – Pocket Option is a global broker for binary options. There is the potential for a huge reward when betting on rising or falling markets on the binary options market (yield). The broker Pocket Option is owned by Gembell Limited and is located in the Marshal Islands. The company’s registration number is 86967. In addition, the broker is governed by the IFMRRC.

At first glance, Pocket Option’s website appears to be of high quality and clarity. You can immediately observe what they give their traders. Trade over one hundred different assets as Binary Options with a return of ninety percent or higher. There are essentially 10,000 possible combinations for traders. It is effortless to begin trading with a broker. A new account can be created in a few seconds. Moreover, they provide a free sample account for testing the platform.

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Is Pocket Option governed?

After familiarizing ourselves with Pocket Option, let’s address the following question: Is Pocket Option regulated? To avoid scams and financial loss, dealing with a reputable and authorized broker is crucial. You conduct business with an unregulated broker when you use the Pocket Option.

The absence of regulation may be one of the reasons why the broker is not accessible in all countries. For instance, Malaysia, Nigeria, the United States, and New Zealand all prohibit the Pocket Option. It is also prohibited in Europe, although you may still sign up for a free sample account.

Mobile trading with the Pocket Option application

If you are not the type who spends your entire day in front of a computer, I recommend the Pocket Option app. With the broker’s mobile application, you may demonstrate your trading skills from anywhere.

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It is compatible with both Android and iPhone cell phones. You can also use it with tablets running iOS or Android.Download it from the Play Store or App Store, sign in with your credentials, and begin trading on your mobile device.

Every function in the browser version is also accessible with the Pocket Option app. Please see our post titled “Pocket Option app.”

How do you invest with the Pocket Option?

You can use the Pocket Option to wager on rising or falling markets. Predict the direction of the price of a platform-supported asset. It can include Forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and more. Always, Binary Options have an expiration date. You can trade regardless of whether your time horizon is short-term or long-term. After the expiration time, the trade is closed automatically.

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Can Pocket Option demo accounts be used?

Everyone can open a free demo account with Pocket Option to practice binary trading options. Before making any investments, the demo account can be utilized for practice. You can trade with virtual currency on the platform with a single click.

No registration or payment is required to try trading with virtual currency. Numerous traders gain initial experience with a demo account before beginning with real money.

Account for Pocket Option trading

Let’s take a deeper look at how to log in and validate your Pocket Option account. The verification is a crucial step if you wish to utilize all of the Pocket Option platform’s features.

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Accessing your Pocket Option account

Logging in is straightforward if you have previously registered a Pocket Option account. Visit the broker’s website via pocketoption.com or conduct a Google search for the broker. Watch the upper right corner of the website once you have been led there. Select “Pocket Option Sign In”

Enter your email address and password, complete the reCAPTCHA, and click “Log in.” You have the option to store your information and remain logged in.

Verification of Pocket Option position: How to authenticate your account

To have access to all Pocket Option features, it is necessary to validate your account. This requires a few steps but is simple to perform.

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Follow these steps to verify your account:

  • Sign in to your account
  • Access your account settings (profile)
  • Prepare a scan of your identification document (such as your driver’s license, passport, or identification card)
  • Uploading the document and tracking its verification

You must also submit an address verification. You can utilize documents such as a bank letter or an electric bill. The name of the account holder must be included. You can get Pocket Option promo codes 2022 here. Care should be taken not to crop the document, and all essential information should be legible.


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